Hi Welcome to my site.

I am a bassist residing in Victoria BC

I have been playing the String Bass since grade 5.

I grew up in Edmonton, Alberta

I have a BSc in Psychology from the University Of Alberta.

Here is a short bio/resume about my musical career

I play Upright

as well as Electric Bass

I also compose music

This is my tune Squash Quartz Played by BMY at a recent concert at UVic

Here George McFetridge and the rest play my composition Vic Run at the Historic Pat’s Pub in Vancouver.

I am a big fan of Improvised Music, Creative Improvising, Free Jazz, and  Free-er Jazz.

Here is a video from last year recorded in the “Room” at UVIc 2018

We as BMY have a lot of fun improvising!! This is called “One Too Many”.

Here is a pic of working bassists in Mexico going to work!

Here is some buddies posing for a pic after a great concert in Chinatown Victoria BC

Tom Vickery, Mark Lewis, and myself

here is a video of The May Trio performing in Vancouver BC at the historic Pat’s Pub..